Aaquib Khan

Freelance journalist and researcher

Aaquib Khan has worked as a researcher, journalist and producer for an international radio station for less than a decade. He is the author of an academic paper: "Identity as Crime: How Indian Media's Coverage Demonised Muslims as Coronavirus Spreader", Bloomsbury UK.

As an independent journalist, he has extensively written about human rights issues, conflict, environment, and displacement from Kashmir, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. He has published in respected publications worldwide, including The New Lines Magazine, The New Humanitarian, Evening Standard, Byline Times, Diplomat, Caravan and others. In 2019 he was selected as a fellow of the Robert Bosch foundation's "Media Ambassador India-Germany" program. During his stay, he was with Deutsche Welle (Berlin), researching on German right-wing.


Human rights, politics, conflict


twitter: kaqibb