Aaquib Khan

Aaquib Khan is a freelance journalist and researcher based in India.

Alexander Schwabe

Alexander Schwabe is Chief Editor of Publik-Forum, a magazine covering Politics, Culture and Religion.

Alexandra Eul

Alexandra Eul is an independent journalist who lives and writes in Cologne. 

Angela Weiß

Angela Weiß is a freelance journalist based in Bremen and Austin.

Bernd Eberhart

Bernd Eberhart is a science journalist based in southern Germany.

Bhavya Dore

Bhavya Dore is a freelance journalist writing for various publications in India and abroad.

Chaitanya Marpakwar

Chaitanya Marpakwar is an award winning journalist with the Times of India newspaper.

Fiona Weber-Steinhaus

Fiona Weber-Steinhaus is a German-British feature writer and reporter based in Hamburg.

G Sampath

G Sampath is a writer and journalist based in Delhi.

Julia Wadhawan

Julia Wadhawan is a freelance journalist and author with Indian roots, based in Hamburg.

Karola Körber

Karola Körber is a German TV and web editorial journalist, TV producer and Videojournalist based in Mainz.

Kennith Rosario

Kennith Rosario is a reporter and researcher. Currently he is German Chancellor Fellow 2022-23.

Lennart Herberhold

Lennart Herberhold is a journalist and he studied media science and history in Cologne.

Markus Wanzeck

Markus Wanzeck is editor and reporter with the environmental magazine natur. 

Mohit M. Rao

Mohit M. Rao is an independent journalist based out of Bengaluru, India.

Namrata Acharya

Namrata Acharya is an independent journalist.

Natalie Mayroth

Natalie Mayroth divides her time as a journalist between India and Germany.

Petra Sorge

Petra Sorge is Energy Transition Reporter at Bloomberg LP and based in Berlin.

P.J. George

George is a Chennai-based journalist with The Hindu. He is on the web team, building new audiences and products.

Pradnya Bivalkar 

Pradnya Bivalkar is working as a Senior Project Manager at the Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH in Berlin.

Priyanka Borpujari

Priyanka Borpujari is an independent journalist. She is reporting on issues of human rights around the world.

Roli Srivastava

Roli Srivastava is a Mumbai-based journalist with the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Shravan Bhat

Shravan Bhat leads marketing and communications for RMI's Center for Climate-Aligned Finance, he is based in New York.

Sonja Ernst

Sonja Ernst is a freelance journalist and editor at various media based in Cologne. 

Sukhada Tatke

Sukhada Tatke is an independent journalist from India based in Edinburgh.

Sunaina Kumar

Sunaina Kumar is a Senior Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation in India. 

Taran N. Khan

Taran N. Khan is an award winning journalist and writer.