Alexandra Eul

Reporter and Podcaster

Eul is an independent journalist who lives and writes in Cologne. She reports about human rights and social activism worldwide, specifically about feminism, diversity and modern slavery; about the impact of technological development and digitalization on society; and about traveling.

Previously, she has worked as one of the editors for print and online at EMMA and as a news editor at Deutschlandfunk Nachrichten. As one of the Arthur F. Burns Fellows in 2017, she was a visiting journalist to "The Globe and Mail" in Toronto. In 2018, she reported from India as one of the Robert Bosch Foundation’s Media Ambassadors India-Germany and worked as a visiting journalist to the "The Hindu" in Mumbai.

In her podcast "Fast 40", she discusses with very different people the strange in-between age, when you are no longer young, but not yet old either. Alexandra Eul studied Theatre-, Film and Television Science, Political Science and Psychology at the University of Cologne and Journalism at Hamburg Media School.



Human Rights, Politics, Society, Digitalization


instagram: alex_eul_
twitter: alex_eul