Photo by Akshar DaveūüĆĽ on Unsplash

Please join us on October 29, 2022: 10 am EST / 14.30 IST on Zoom for our first webinar with Tanmay Singh from the Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic and Khaled Muhiuddin (DW Bonn) of the season. Please register your participation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; you will be sent the zoom link directly.

Tanmay Singh from the Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic (DPDC), based in New Delhi with lawyers from the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF). This is an Internet watchdog and a journalists' group have launched an online free legal aid platform where mediapersons can seek advice, second opinion on their legal strategy and pre-publication review while lawyers representing scribes can ask for counsel on technology-related matters. 

Singh's latest article was published in The Indian Express "Inching towards an Orwellian state: How the new draft telecom bill legally sanctions surveillance without safeguards".


Khaled Muhiuddin, who heads the Bengali Team at DW in Bonn. Khaled is also a Bangladeshi journalist based in Germany. Khaled was formerly an Assistant Commissioner in the Bangladesh Government and advisor of the World Bank and a magistrate also who found his calling in journalism. 

He is also the former presenter of the popular Bangladeshi talk show Ajker Bangladesh and has written many books. Muhiuddin's talk show about "What is happening on the Myanmar border?".

The journalist and IGMN member Chaitanya Marpakwar will host our first webinar. You can follow him on twitter @chaitanya_pm.